Monday, 25 March 2013

Business Feasibillity Plan

By Ian Hong Yi En, Chiam Jing Han, Pang Cheng Feng and Lim Wei Feng.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mission Statement [Jing Han, Ian, Cheng Feng, Wei Feng]

 • It will a company selling products such as stationary advanced in technology, and e-books, and also creative and innovative products.

• We offer a wide range of products, from classy fountain pens to kiddy pencils. We plan to serve the general public, ranging form high-end business workers to children.

     ◦  TO WHOM?
• To children and adults, young or old, for formal occasions or just to pen down a note.

     ◦  VALUES
• Empowering workers’ abilities in their writing abilities by using top-notch equipment
Creating stationery of the highest quality for every customer
• Be neighbors with customers first, company second

• For companies have a big capital to start their business with

 • Near schools

Mission Statement (Huda, Gabriel, Zahid, Jun Yang)

  • Purpose/ Mission [Statement of organization’s purpose]
Make everyone in the community feel unique and comfortable in our Tops.

  • Vision [What to accomplish in long run]:
             For Tops to be an international corporation that sells high-quality shirts.

  • What Business:
             Selling of tops/shirts

  • Who to serve
           Everyone who likes fashionable and affordable tops ( From toddlers to teenagers and even adults)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Business Feasibility Plan

Butler and Bodyguard Institution 

Mission: Bringing top-notch perfectly trained butlers and highly skilled bodyguards to the masters and mistresses of the world.

Vision: To have each and every one of our butlers and bodyguards to be as skilled and loyal as can be.

Target Audience: Rich people, the importnat figures in society who needs protection.